The first French research resource to help you create the best TV shows and Movies. DO THE RIGHT FILMS OUR SOLUTIONS You create content for your audience, we listen to them and analyze their feedback. OUR SOLUTIONS Together, let’s find the best stories that will resonate with your audience. OUR SOLUTIONS

We support you all the way through your films and TV series production process:


Don’t wait for your movie or TV show release before getting the audience’s feedback. Make adjustments while you can. Neutral and non-biased insights from a non-professional audience will always be helpful.


Inspired by the US Movie industry, test screenings are designed to gauge audience’s reactions for editing or marketing purposes before a movie or TV show is released.


Your TV Show has just aired, it’s the best time to talk with viewers and identify what they liked and didn’t like before planning the next season. Post release analysis will give you a good understanding of your TV show’s strengths and weaknesses, detailed feedback on plots and characters or drop off reasons. It’s the perfect tool to maintain the franchise over time.


Artwork, trailers, titles, catch lines. You have to choose the best local option for your content promotion. Your audience can help you make the right decision. 


Because the best stories are aimed to move people, DO THE RIGHT FILMS has implemented a facetrack tool to measure viewers’ reactions in real time. See your audience laugh, cry, react and identify high and low intensity moments.

We are passionate about content and understand your business objectives.

We read scripts, watch content and discuss with the different stakeholders involved with the movies and TV shows we work on. By getting a good understanding of your challenges upfront, we design the best solutions for your project and give you actionable recommendations.